Arguments Against Animal Experimentation

Topics: Animal testing, Animal rights, Testing cosmetics on animals Pages: 6 (1491 words) Published: April 25, 2017

In these animal testing facilities, these animals go through unthinkable torture for our own selfish purposes. From being injected with unsafe chemicals to being locked inside of small cages, what these animals experience in these facilities is completely unethical. Countless undercover surveillance videos have been released depicting horrible scenes of the torture these animals go through on a daily basis. Rabbits, dogs, fruit flies and monkeys are popular animals used in animal testing facilities. The National Institute of Health has recently decided to end its support of chimpanzee testing research. Dr. Collins, a director in the National Institute of Health has spoken on this decision stating that, “We find no evidence that there is a need to continue to do research of an invasive sort on chimpanzees, not now and not going into the future” (2). As what Dr. Collins has stated, there is simply no need to perform such tortuous experimentations on these innocent animals. One of the reasons as to why this decision was made was because the chimpanzee species is becoming extinct according to the federal Endangered Species Act. This is another issue that emerges from animal experimentation, the worry on the diminishing numbers of these animals used on animal experimentation....

This process is actually more effective than animal testing because human cells can be used to experiment the effects of these products. It doesn't matter how many animals are killed and tested on because in the ends a human will always be the last subject experimented on. After All, these companies are using these animals to study the effects their products will have on humans so why do they not test on humans or human cells? This
method is less torturous and cruel to the animals and would also be much more beneficial for companies and their...
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