Topics: Communism, Mao Zedong, World War II Pages: 3 (950 words) Published: June 19, 2013
The story of his life

In the young Chin Peng interest once read print materials and highlights developments in China. At that time a dispute between Chiang Kai Shek and Mao Tse Tung. Japan army seized Manchuria and China dominate the interior. China country is the birthplace of the father and his ancestors in the Kwantung. During his youth 15 years, Chin Peng have a feeling that is close to the western educated nationalist Chiang Kai Shek who dominate the southern China and Taiwan. But the booklet 'On Protacted War' essay Mao Tse Tung changed his mind on the flow of communism. Clear determination to resist the Japanese invasion of Malaya then 1941. In 1940 he was accepted into the Communist Party of China Communist Party of the branches abroad. He also joined Force 136, an armed force established by the British spy against the Japanese in Malaya. When the age of 18. Chin Peng led MPAJA or Malayan People Anti Japanese Army, a guerrilla force against the Japanese. British Army (Force Special Air Services and MI6) that deployed in the jungles of Perak, has a variety of weapons, financing, training and a variety of other equipment to equip Force 136 and MPAJA. MPAJA Army attacked the Japanese army to the banks of the Silver River near Pasir Salak in 1942. After World War II, some of the radical faiths MPAJA acted out in the forest to kill punish them of collaborating with the Japanese and British stooge and also kill local leaders such as the Chieftain and the village priest as a tactic to strengthen their dominance. In addition, the radical faction in MPAJA also tried to seize administration especially in the south of Malaya. Radical action in this MPAJA have angered the Malays who came to oppose the communist party under leaders such as Chief Red Sling Salleh. As a result of the reaction of the Malays, the Communist Party failed to take power but had to seek the intervention of Tunku so calm that the Malays who came at that time. In fact...
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