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Good morning I bid to Madam / Mister Chairman, honorable adjudicators, my respected opponents and members of the audience. With the key terms explained by the first speaker, let us examine our motion once again. Mass media is the major contributor to teenage social problems today. In the light of our definitions, is this a valid proposition? Let us consider some arguments in favor of this proposition.

I, as the opposition’s deputy minister, disagree with the motion because I believe that teenagers can make use of the mass media as a platform to voice out their opinions on current issues. With the existence of mass media, it gives teenagers the opportunity to express their views on issues of the world that became a trend in their lives. It is true that mass media plays a role in forming and influencing people’s attitudes and behavior but I believe that teenagers are a part of the society and they are at the age to have the maturity to judge a situation in whiter the issue is right or wrong. When they are able to voice out their opinions on such issues happening in the world that concern them, their maturity to look at things would improve and this would slowly teaches them to handle with the negative outcome made by mass media and not let it influence their life entirely.

Teenagers face the environment of school that places pressure on the teenagers’ lives by receiving homework, facing the deadline of projects or maybe the stress by competing with other students in studies. Therefore, teenagers use mass media to seek respite from the stressful environment of school. For teenagers, the mass media can relief them out of their stress and I believe that teenagers can get positively influenced by heroic stories, politic issues, the economy or even from sports. With their maturity, teenagers can easily see the moral values from issues as such. We admit that mass media contributes to social problem but I believe the main contributor for social problems is the...
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