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English 1301- Mrs. King, Lola
Argumentative Research Essay
Regulating Teen Social Media Use
In today’s culture technology is on the rise giving us more evolved forms of communication and interaction that older generations never got experience in their youth. It is not hard to notice the change in use of social networks, cellular communications (texting) and other internet connecting devices. Many blame the deterioration of today’s youth on the advancement of technology linked to social media. Is social media really to blame or are the mentors to blame? These changes are going to be a part of our generation and generations to come, how we regulate the use among our youth depends on how are future as a society functions.

Many teens are using social networks in a reckless fashion. Teens get on social network sites posting a great amount of information about their lives making them more public online. Pew research center notes that teens are becoming more open on social networks, “Currently, 91 percent of teens post their photos online, up from 79 percent three years ago. About 71 percent reveal their school name, a 22 percent jump since 2006, while 71 percent post their hometown or city name, an increase of ten percent. About 53 percent share their email address, up from 29 percent, and 20 percent of teens now post their cell phone number, while a mere two percent did so in 2006” (qtd. in Bayliss). Posting too much information is risky behavior, being safe about your information should be thought to teens.

Social media strongly effects on your teens. Communications and advertisement trough social media may make teens feel as if they need to live up to the standards that society demands. This may make teens feel as if they are competing to live in equal measures to the life styles that social media sponcers. In response to this teens can experance careening emotions such as anxiety or even depression (Feldman, 349). The high use of social...

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