Argumentive Essay

Topics: Critical thinking, Problem solving, Decision making Pages: 5 (1587 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Running Head: The many uses of the Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving can apply to military and civilian life.


United States Army Sergeants Major Academy

CL60, H100

Instructor Name

17 September 2009

Argumentative Essay Outline

Topic #3: To utilize the subjects taught during H100 and compare and contrast how I plan to utilize Critical Thinking and Problem Solving over the next 10 to 15 years and use it to make myself a better leader. 1. Thesis Statement. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving can be utilized in many different ways to aid during resolving issues in both your military and personal life. I plan to incorporate this process when making any decision I make over the next 10 to 15 years. 2. Major Points.

a. I will use Critical Thinking and Problem Solving during the execution of all military missions to determine the best alternative. b. I will apply Critical Thinking and Problem Solving to resolve issues I have in my personal life such as retirement, financial, and future employment decisions. c. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving compares to the decisions you make both on and off duty. 3. Supporting Points of Evidence.

a. C100 Foundations Reading Book – C120 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving b.


I plan to make use of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving over the next 10 to 15 years to assist me in making more sound decisions as a leader. A person needs to utilize critical thinking to resolve problems that affect the outcome of the Unit’s mission or in their personal life.. I will apply the steps I learn to ensure I make the best decision possible.

The Military aspect of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
The information discussed during C120 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving had the most influence upon me as a leader during the Foundation lesson. It is vital to use critical thinking when trying to solve problems as a Soldier and also when making decisions that affect your personal life. I plan to implement being open minded, to look at different assumptions and alternatives when resolving a problem over the next 10 years to make a decision that will not only affect me as a Soldier but in my personal life as well. This lesson is very important in that it made clear some of the points all leaders must adhere to when accomplishing the mission, utilizing the Military Decision Making process or determining training objectives. If a leader is not a critical thinker and look at all options presented the wrong decision could be the outcome. I recognized that some of the points mentioned are performed without deliberate thoughts and some of the points never crossed my mind. It revealed to me that as a Leader you must be a critical thinker so that all the facts are presented equally and only those that will be resolve the problem are used. There are different causes and effects that must be considered when making a trying to solve a problem. Leader’s must look at a problem with an open mind and take heed that different prejudices and beliefs will contribute to how you best determine the final solution. You must be open to the fact that one solution is sometimes not the only solution to any given problem. The beliefs that you have from your ethnic background will shape the way that you think when trying to resolve problems. A person’s upbringing, values and prejudicial thoughts that have formed over the years about a particular topic will also shape your opinion but will not apply when you are a critical thinker. I know now that it is best to determine different facts when attempting to make a critical decision. When applying critical thinking and problem solving you must think about the impact of your decision and the stipulation it potentially could make at a strategic level. When you make a decision as part of a group you may need to shape your decisions to confirm with the group...
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