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Topics: Human, Influenza, Science Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: January 12, 2013
If one could travel back into the past and notice one event that occurred many times throughout medical history I can guarantee it would be the use of animals to conduct medical experiments. This has been happening since the time of the Egyptians, and it has brought us to the medical advancements we have today. Animal experimentation has helped not only humans but animals as well. This act has given us the pools of information we have today. Even though it has brought so much relief to countless medical complications others still argue that this act is not a fair one and suggest it should be against to the law to continue doing this even though it has benefited us so. I believe using animals to perform medical research should not be against the law. Animal experimentation has actually brought benefits to both humans and animals, major advances in medicine have been made, and it has given us a better understanding of the human and animal bodies. Furthermore, the use of animals in medical research has not only benefited humans but animals as well. Due to the fact that we, as humans, are currently using animals as test subjects we acquire more knowledge and a better understanding concerning both humans and animals. Today humans know and comprehend so much about how the body works because of animal use for testing. In this process we also gather knowledge of the other animal groups and find different ways to benefit both species. Humans can come to a conclusion on different matters concerning the body or other matters involving humans as well as animals because these tests were done. Without the completion of all these experiments we would know almost nothing about ourselves and other animals. Moreover, we have also reached many useful and life saving medical realizations that have helped us advance so drastically in medicine because of medical research preformed on animals. We have cured countless diseases and disabilities because of animal testing such as small...
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