Argumentative Summary: Listing Your Home For Sale?

Pages: 4 (854 words) Published: January 20, 2018

Listing your home for sale? If yes, then the most pressing concern is whether to spend money to revamp the look of the home or not. Are you confused? The question of whether to make these improvements or not depends on many factors. In addition to what you expect to reap from the sale, you also need to look at the current condition of the home. Of course, you cannot ignore the competition posed by other homes listed for sale as well as the current real estate market trends in your area.

The thinking of the buyer and that of the seller.

There are things that the seller may ignore in regards to the home they have listing for sale that the buyer take seriously when making the decision of how much they are willing to pay for the home. Take a...

The buyer is having all these in mind and using them to valuate the home. The valuation may differ from one buyer to another but it matters. As a seller, you may be ignoring them.

Where the seller is not able or not willing to make these changes whichever the case may be, then they must be willing to take a lower offer for the home. If the seller is only willing to take an offer that is close to the market value under such circumstance, then there is a high likeliness the home may not get a willing buyer for a while if any will come...

There may be those circumstances when the seller is not in a position to make major changes to the home before listing it for sale. In such a case, it is advisable that you make the changes that you can. You then adjust the price according to what is missing in comparison to similar homes that may be better placed in terms of the amenities available.

Manage your expectations as a seller.

Use your real estate agent to help you understand your home better in relation to other homes in the neighborhood. This is to ensure you attach a reasonable price that will make it possible for the home to get a buyer within the shortest time possible. Making the price unreasonably high may result in your home staying for long without getting a buyer. This may leave people thinking that there may be something wrong with it.

Understanding Maryland's real estate contracts.

In the past, there were some rules that specified the standards your home had to meet before you were able to sell it .According to the laws, home inspection had to ascertain that various home appliances, electrical connections, HVAC, floors among others were in good condition before the sale could be...
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