Argumentative: Reasons Behind Social Decline of African Americans

Topics: African American, Black people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: November 22, 2011
Argumentative essay

In society African Americans have always been able to do a lot, even when subjugated. Even with this, however, there has become a gradual and continual social decline for them. It is visible, not only when put in the spotlight, but also in day to day life. People have become lackadaisical and mentally helpless in terms of how they operate in society, as a whole. The reasons behind this social decline of African Americans is because of a lowering of self standards, an unfulfilled sense of entitlement that is held, and The raising of standards held for those of color by the public.

Self standard are what you, as a people, come to accept as reasonable and acceptable behavior and ideas. As shown from the African American community as of late, self standards have been declining. Peoples ideas on what they should be able to do has become skewed. It has become social acceptable to become and stay employed, relying on either state help or, at the most, trying to find a low level job that allows day to day living. According to the US Department of Labors Employment Status chart, African Americans has fluctuated from 15.2 to 15.9 over the past year. This number, representing about 2700 people in a labor force of 17000, shows that a good percentage of the already low work force is continually without work. This, when compared to Whites, though there numbers are higher they also represent and overwhelming majority of population as a whole (72% Whites, 15% African Americans in the US) , is an Unemployment rate of 8.5, about 10, 500 of a workforce of 125,000, which shows that they are more likely to only socially accept a work mentality from their people.

A large percentage of the African American communities as a whole have another major mentality issue: They see themselves as the deserving receivers of some sense of entitlement to be given jobs and opportunity versus having to work towards a means. This idea comes from the...
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