Argumentative Pro Gun Essay

Topics: Crime, Gun Control, Police Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: May 26, 2014
English 1A
Professor Winter
“Protecting Our Guns, Protects Ourselves”
Imagine a scenario where you have a family and during the night an armed robber breaks into your home. Can you protect your property and loved ones? Slowly but surely our right to bear firearms is being taken away. The worst part is that it is not just being taken away, we are giving it away. Eventually, parts of America will not legally be able to carry firearms at all because of the constant attempts to put restrictions and bans on them. Americans will soon have to rely on government protection for help most of the time. Keeping our 2nd amendment protected shows that crime rate can be reduced and can stop immediate threats.

In Texas, its citizens are allowed to carry firearms. It also has one of the lowest crime rates (for a largely populated state) throughout the United States of America. A study on crime rate by Uniform Crime Reports showed that Texas is one of the states that have the lowest gun violence, in part, due to its citizens having the right to legally possess and carry firearms. Only the most responsible of people receive the license to carry a weapon by means to prevent any unqualified or mentally ill people from obtaining dangerous weapons. This leads to criminals and assailants alike with the deterrent of having to worry about armed citizens along with the normal police force. “When everyone is armed or carrying a means of defense, no one wants to or can really do anything.” Uniform Crime Reports says about the issue. People might disagree and say that we have cops and sheriffs to handle those types of matters for us, and you are right. However, how fast can they respond to immediate threats? It seems that the victim of the crime is always at the disadvantage due to law enforcement not being able to arrive at an attack before it happens. No matter how quickly they may arrive, most of the time it is after the crime has happened. Many of these crimes can be avoided if...
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