Argumentative Letter

Topics: Galaxy, Theory, Universe Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: December 13, 2010
Jaclyn McGrew McGrew 1 English 1102
Robert Arnold

Mr. Plait and Mrs. Twomey,
By what definition can we, as humans, go by that explains the phenomenal creatures called aliens? The most UFOistic meaning that you have described is “an extraterrestrial intelligent being, someone who lives on other planets out from Earth.” (DeVore 4) With this I can agree, until you begin to depict an alien as a green monster with two fingers, three eyes, and the motives to take over our world. You both explain in this article that there is absolutely no way anyone or anything can live in our universe. While I can respect your theories and opinions, I can’t help but feel like you may be thinking slightly unrealistic, and I’ll tell you why.

You speak about Evolution and how we were created by the sun. How do we know that each galaxy doesn’t have it’s own Earth? I am highly familiar with that theory and I can understand where you may draw those conclusions from. However, I would like to bring up another theory for your consideration. Fact: There are over 125 million predicted galaxy in the Universe, and over 200 billion stars just in our galaxy. “Say Evolution is in fact how we got here; couldn’t it have happened several other times?” (Eastman 2) Maybe in different galaxies? For all we know, one ore maybe more of the 200 billion other stars is a planet with some kind of life form, but we are not yet technologically advanced enough to find it.

McGrew 2
That brings me to my second point: Technology. You state that, “the phenomenon is only real if it can be measured or detected through a well-known and active technique, such as x-ray cameras and infrared telescopes.” (Plait 2) While these tools would definitely help the questioning of this phenomenon, our world does not have the technology to venture very far. I believe that if, in fact, there is another form of life...
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