Argumentative Essay---Very Bad, but Its the Only Thing I Can Submit...

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To stand for something is to fight for your idea, philosophy, or cause. If you are going to fight for it, it seems you should care for it a great deal. If you care for something this much, you should be prepared to fight in the most grim of circumstances, even that of being alone, without the morale of a group backing you up. Groups are easier to help in, but leading alone shows a certain care that doesn’t come with being in the back, it shows that you truly will fight for a cause. Groups can get things done. It seems that society cares more about taking action in the case that a majority is offended by an action, or lack of one thereof, than say, one individual. But, an individual showing so much passion, it tends to help others to aspire to join their cause. An individual, it seems, can be silenced easier. A big organization doesn’t want one of their employees to let out the news about an abuse in the workplace, or a non-compliance with laws; they might quickly transfer that individual, or in extreme cases, quiet them permanently. But, a group can just as easily be put into a situation of blackmail or some other kind of activity to quiet them, still the disturbance they have made. When a group or organization fights for something, it can make a bigger splash; they can more-likely afford to hire a lobbyist to influence legislation, or get media coverage to speak out against the action of others. In turn, a group is associated with other organizations and individuals, giving more ground for the opposition to find fault in their partnerships and such. An individual has only their own previous associations and partnerships to fault them, and in turn, support them. But, when an individual raises awareness for a cause and inspires others to take action, the effect can be monumental. This is because people know that the individual needs their support. Standing alone for a cause can get nothing done when you are not recognized. It can be pointless; one person alone is...
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