Argumentative Essay On Right To Privacy

Topics: United States Constitution, Privacy, Surveillance Pages: 6 (1399 words) Published: December 15, 2015

uddenly with all the new technology and the government invading our privacy, we have to watch what is said or done on any technological devices. Nowadays the use of Internet and devices are becoming an issue because citizens are becoming concerned that their most private details are being monitored. Innocent people are bothered by the fact that the government can see their personal information. Even though the government says that they want to help and be able to protect people and stop criminals from committing crimes before they are done, they are just making people fell concerned about their personal privacy and well being. The United States Government and the NSA have been violating citizens personal rights for a while now, they say that...

The fourth amendment was made to prohibit the government from unreasonable search and seizures. What is privacy? According to privacy Billy Graham a very well known and also famous American evangelical Christian evangelist, “Once you have lost your privacy you realize you've lost an extremely valuable thing.” I also agree with Billy Graham because privacy is something that everyone needs in order to make their life easier. To me privacy is a place that you can go and not be told anything about what you choose to do, or if you do something and you do want to share that information then its fine, but if you don’t want to talk about it the n you shouldn’t have. To me privacy is a major thing because without it nobody is able to live a peaceful life. Why is privacy important? Privacy is important because privacy is what helps people be who they are, and if there is no privacy or if someone knows everything about you they can have control of that person. Privacy is a big thing because without it, it can ruin someone’s reputation if that person really wants to. Therefore the constitution states...
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