Argumentative Essay On Nature Vs Nurture

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Nature arguments Nurture arguments
Heredity: family and family members Sociocultural influences: lack of time spend with society.
Genetic Disorder: frontal brain (extra dopamine release) Biological Effects: Intellectual Disability: Interaction with parents:
Perinatal Impact:

Every human has two types of phases in their life one is nature (that is when a person takes birth) and other nurture (in their development period) in this two periods their physical characteristics, mental growth, socio economic life all this thing happens in their life period. It is related to whether our genetics or the environment influences or psysiological processes of both biology or environment has an impact. our nature side or perhaps our genetic side argues this intelligence can be inherited with
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It has been seen that monozygotic twins reared apart still have a higher correlation of IQ than dizygotic twins reared together. If genetics did not play a part in intelligence, then dizygotic twins reared together would resemble each other strikingly close regardless of their only 50 percent in genetic relatedness. The interesting evidence is that dizygotic twins show a higher correlation than their other siblings even when reared apart supporting the theory once again that genetics does have a major influence on human intelligence. By using monozygotic twins as the control group any differences would have to be explained by environmental factors. Other factors which influence this topic are criminal movies, cartoons, lack of parent’s love and affection, siblings

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