Argumentative Essay On Electronic Cigarettes

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Believe it or not the Electronic Cigarette has been around for a long time, like since the 1960s. However, in 2013 electronic cigarette became a hot item and had many new smokers and regular tobacco users switching to this new way of smoking. This new found technology even has a new term, individuals no longer smoke, they vape. It seems that the entire world is going “electronic”, electronic mail, electronic billing, Americans even prefer to talk through electronics…so why not smoke electronically?
Many members of society enjoy the fact that electronic cigarettes are cheaper and supposedly “healthier” by eliminating the second hand smoke effect. While other individuals find it annoying, worse than actual real cigarettes, and a danger to those who smoke through the electronic device. This controversy has been apparent since 2007 when the E-Cig was introduced to the North American region. With many years of tests and the “new and improved” e-cigarettes it...

The data suggested they were more likely to quit if they had a more fast acting form of nicotine in conjunction with a patch, lozenge or gum NRT, (“Supporting regulation of electronic cigarettes”, 2014, para. 15).
Additionally supporters of e-cigarettes point to a study conducted for an e-cig advocacy group to measure the exposure to propylene glycol and glycerin and any possible health effects. The study claimed to determine the occupational threshold limit values (TLVs) to figure out what potential risks e-cigarette users may face. According to the study there was no evidence that e-cigarettes produce any contaminants that exceeded the TLVs (“Supporting regulation of electronic cigarettes”, 2014, para. 16).
IV. Why is the Other Side...
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