Argumentative Essay: Interviews After Admission

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Argumentative essay
The college admissions are too competitive and the universities have too high demands! The college admissions in modern society are in my opinion too competitive and the universities have too high demands on the students. The students today have so much pressure on their grades and need to fight too hard for their spot in the universities. Even a B can destroy your dreams of studying at a university or college. You can take medical students for example. A person who wants to work as a doctor or maybe a surgeon has to be perfect in the case of grades in high school since the universities only accept people with top-notch grades. I think this is terrifying. I believe that every student has a subject in school that they basically aren’t as good at as other subjects. This may lead to very bad things. Let’s say that you get a C in social studies because you just don’t like it or you aren’t really good at it. You get a C in the subject but you have A in all of the remaining subjects. The university doesn’t accept you because of the C in social studies and you are left to either study one year extra so that you may raise the C to an A or you have to totally abandon your only dream. This is horrible in my opinion. That the universities just throw you in the gutter and make you lose all your hopes of getting your dream job. How does the degree decide what you are capable of? This really needs to change. The government needs to lower the demands in universities so that every single person has got the same conditions as someone who has perfect degrees. I really want to be a doctor when I grow up but my flaws lays in the math. I think I might get a C in math because that is the subject that I have had a hard time coped with. Just because I might get a C in math and probably A in all of the other subjects I may not be accepted by the university. I will never be the one thing I have always dreamt about. Of course the grades stand for the bigger part of...
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