Argumentative Essay for Teenager Birth Control

Topics: Bank, Payment, Want Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Kagabo Jacques
ESOL 0354
Date 02/12/2013
How-To save Money
I believe to save money is a good idea to the people if you follow these steps. We understand to save money is many ways to that such as bank, job and shopping. First of all, I want to explain how you can save money on the bank. The banks are many different kind such as checking account, saving and credit. Both are good idea to have but on this topic you must focus on the checking account and saving account because the credit card are many charge such as fee and interest. According to this country the credit card is a good idea to have but you need to be carefully for interest. Second step, you can save money on your job if you follow these instruction. First, you must take your lunch every time you go to work. At that point, you will be save a lot things such as time, money and gas because wherever you went out for lunch, you spend lot money for food. For example, if you went out for your lunch time every day, may be each time you spend $11 all week $77and your pay every week is about $250.Therefore, you must stop to go out for lunch so you can save money and your gas . Third step, you can also save money on the shopping is very easy just follow these instruction. First, any time you went to store make sure u find out which store has discount and make your plain before you go to shop. There are same store sell use things only as like clothes and furniture so if you want to save money, you must purchase the use because it is very cheap and it has also very good condition. Finally, if you follow that steps you will be save a lot things and you will be in happiness life just be aware for credit card company, not go out every day for lunch and purchase the use things that’s it. In my opinion, I believe save money can change your life from poor to rich also you can improve your family.
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