Argumentative Essay: Dance Is A Sport

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MacKenzy Slaght
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Argument Paper

Dance is a Sport

America loves their sports and there is no hiding that, but what is the true definition of a sport? Sport /spôrt/: (noun) an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others. Now, for the great debate: is dancing a sport? Yes, according to the definition from Oxford English dictionary, dancing would be considered a sport. Every sport deserves the same respect and dance does not get the respect it deserves as a sport. Dancing involves athletic ability, skill and dancers do compete against other individuals and teams.
One reason that dance is a sport is because dancing involves athletic ability. During...

This is offered at nearly every fitness center across the United States. It has become very common for women and men to take this class at their local fitness center to get into shape. In order to get in shape, you must perform physical activity, which requires athletic ability. These high-energy classes are set to upbeat music and they feature dance moves. They are about 60-minute classes and on average, each person burns about 369 calories. It is a great workout for all and it burns fat off of one’s body and strengthens your core, and also improves the participant’s flexibility. It is known to be an overall strength training class. If someone argues that dance is not a workout, members of Zumba classes will disagree because after they are done with the class, they feel as if they have had a great, high-intensity work out. Again, in order to achieve this workout, one must have athletic ability.
If the sole fact that dancing involves athletic activity has not convinced you, here is another reason why dance is definitely a sport. The definition of a sport claims that to be a sport, the activity must involve skill. Dance is one of the most skillful sports. To be a dancer, you must have rhythm and coordination. Dancers must have balance, flexibility, strength, and control. These skills are necessary for dancers to be successful athletes in their sport. That goes...

In a way, every sport is an art. If one has never danced before, then how can one truly classify is dance is a sport or not? It is very challenging and has many obstacles. Dancers receive sports injuries, just like any other sport. Dance requires conditioning, cardiovascular activity, and flexibility, just like any other sport. Every sport deserves recognition but dancers just do not receive the respect that they deserve. For example, many athletes are fighting for the respect to have society call dance a sport. If one has never danced and been in a dancer’s shoes, then can they truly and fairly classify dance as a sport or not? For example, I do not personally know how strenuous soccer is, so who am I to say that soccer isn’t a tough sport? I have never experienced the sport in itself. The same goes for dance, if someone has never done it, they do not truly know the hard work it takes. Even though I have never competed as a soccer athlete, I know it is a sport. Society should do the same for dance. (Dancers as...
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