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Topics: Logic, Argumentative, Paragraph Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: June 2, 2015
Chaston Johnson
English 201
Professor Coombes
May 22, 2015
Quiz 2
Describe and explain the component parts of an argumentative essay
An argumentative essay is a style of writing that requires students to examine a topic, then compile, develop, and asses information to form points on a specific topic in a brief tone.
First and foremost is the thesis, which is that sentence or two in the text and contains the focus of the essay. It is usually found in the first paragraph. This is where students begin to establish the context by outlining the topic. As my twelfth grade teacher once said, everything must be in lined with the thesis. In an argumentative essay, one should show that your arguable assertions are correct or that they are more truthful than others.

Next, clear, logical and precise wording is essential. By doing so, the readers are able to follow the essay’s argument. If your wording is unclear, the readers would think you mean one thing, when you are actually referring to something else. Here is where one should pay special attention to the way things are phrased to avoid unclear and obscure language.

The body paragraphs need to have reasons and support of the thesis. Here you can now answer the question to your main point paragraph by paragraph, and should be limited to the discussion of the general idea. Good reasons have to be spelled out, and should be supported by clear illustrations, up to date, relevant and accurate statistics, trustworthy citations, vivid anecdotes and textual evidence. The reader has to be able to see connections between each piece of information and the reason for the support.

As my text book has stated, asserting a thesis and backing it with reasons and support are essential to a successful argument, yet anticipating and responding to objections is also true. Therefore, we now have acknowledging where the awareness of readers point of view is taken in a serious manner. Conceding or accepting readers concerns,...
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