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April 13, 2011

Birth Control Access to Teens

Not everyone is ready to be a mother. Even at almost 30 I can honestly say I am not sure I am ready. I have a steady job and good insurance so paying for my contraceptive comes easy. Not everyone is as lucky. I couldn’t image myself being a mother and being responsible for another life at the age of 15 or even younger. There are millions of girls out there who cannot afford the cost of birth control and do not have access to it. We cannot force them to abstain from sex but what we can do is make is easier for them to get a contraceptive and hopefully reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancies. Local pharmacies such as Walgreen’s, CVS and even the grocery store should provide free birth control to those who want it no questions ask. If contraceptives were more readily available the amount of unwanted and teen pregnancies would decrease. The cost and the numbers are shocking, the solution is simple.

Birth Control has been around since the 1920’s. Its main use is to prevent pregnancy but it has other benefits. It helps regulate women’s cycles, Can help against STD’s and other diseases such as syphilis and AIDS, it also can help a women be aware of her body. It helps reduce the risk of anemia, ovarian cysts, symptomatic endometriosis and helps to prevent osteoporosis. The only thing its not is free. The average cost of birth control without insurance ranges from $73 for Yaz, $69 for Ortho tri-cyclen and even $441 for Mirena, a new form of contraceptive. The average cost with insurance is not much less ranging from anywhere around $10-$60 a month depending on your plan and which form you take. At the age of 16 $70 a month is not easy to come by. Even with the most understanding parents, it’s not always easy to talk to them about sex and ask them to take you to the doctor so that you can get the pill. There are such outlets as Planned Parenthood to help in obtaining...
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