Argumentative Essay

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Writing an essay opens up the mind of the writer and showcases their creativity. Argumentative essay writing requires skills such as research, analytical thinking and good writing. You should also have skills to substantiate your arguments and bring them to a logical conclusion. These techniques develop overtime and with practice you can become a perfectionist in framing high quality argumentative essays. As a writer you need to win over the readers and make them accept your point of view. If you are writing a college essay it is important that you write on a topic of which you have knowledge about and one you feel that you can win over the audience with your arguments. Examples of some controversial topics are abortion, capital punishment and euthanasia. There are pros and cons of writing about these controversial topics. One disadvantage is that the evaluator is already familiar with the topic and is aware of the arguments that you are most likely to give. So they read the essay with a definite mindset which may be difficult to change. The advantage, however, is the topic itself. There are many points that you might bring out in favor of the topic.

Now let us understand how you should write an argumentative essay. If you have the liberty to choose the topic it is advisable that you choose a well thought out and controversial topic. Research the topic thoroughly by going through the latest magazine, visit libraries, watch news channels and discussions on television. Doing these exercises will definitely help you to get clear ideas on the topic. You need to be affirmative when you state the argument topic. If you are writing on outsourcing the first sentence can be, "Outsourcing Information Technology to lower cost destinations is definitely going to help American companies gain competitive edge and gain some market share from their European and Japanese competitors." If you start it by saying, "Outsourcing may be of help to American companies," it does...
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