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Liliana Garcia
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Society’s Use of Technology

“Soon silence will have passed into legend. Man has turned his back on silence. Day after day he invents machines and devices that increase noise and distract humanity from the essence of life, contemplation, meditation.” Over the past few years technology has advanced a lot in many ways. Research that once required days reading books in the library can be now done in minutes. People seem to spend a lot of time online, in the media, or using any other technological gadget. Technology has become something that seems like nobody can live without anymore. The question is will the rising use of technology favor or be a disadvantage to our society? At this rate, technology will in fact affect us negatively.

One of the reasons technology will be a detriment to our society is obsession. Many people seem to be obsessed with technology. According to a mother of three teenagers named Susan Maushart, her children “inhabit” media. She said “Did I say they do their schoolwork like that? Correction. They do their life like that.”(Maushart, Winter) This is true for a lot of people out there that use technology. Everything they do has to be done with technology or include technology in some sort of way. Susan knows her children would rather go without food, water or hair products voluntarily instead of electronic media. (Maushart, Winter) Everywhere they go they take technology with them, it’s the last thing they’ll forget to take. Even Susan admits sneaking her iPhone into the toilet. (Maushart, Winter) The obsession with technology has gotten to the point that the last thing they check before going to sleep and firs thing they check when waking up is their cellphone or any other electronic device. Obsession with technology has been creating dependency issues with the ones who most use it. Any obsession is not good, and once that can damage our whole society, known as technology is even worse.

A second reason technology is not favoring our community is distraction. People who use technology tend to get distracted by it. At Woodside High School, teachers are always blaming technology for students’ struggle to concentrate. (Richtell, Growing) This is true because students usually get distracted during class using their cellphone or some other electronic device instead of paying attention. A student named Vishal implies that “if it weren’t for the internet, [he’d] focus more on school and be doing better academically. (Richtell, Growing) Vishal also believes students always have to deal with distractions and time wasters, but “computers and cellphones, and the constant stream of stimuli they offer, pose a profound new challenge to focusing and learning.” (Richtell, Growing) If students can’t concentrate due to the distraction of technology then it is clearly affecting the amount of learning they get. A Latin teacher, named Alan Eaton, conveys that “technology has led to a ‘balkanization of their focus and duration of stamina.’” Technology is truly a distraction for those who are always using it and will disadvantage our community in the long run.

Moreover, technology can also be making us live in a virtual world. For example, Mildred a main character in the book Fahrenheit 451, is obsessed and consumed by technology, submerging herself in it and living a totally meaningless life. Mildred claims her only family to be her T.V. “family” on the soap operas she watches. (Bradbury, Fahrenheit) This shows us that she has been taken over by television with a virtual family that doesn’t even exist. At some point, Mildred refuses to talk about someone who is dead and complains that she would rather choose the people and pretty colors on her T.V. walls than books. “My ‘family’ is people. They tell me things: I laugh, they laugh! And the colors!” she states. (Bradbury, Fahrenheit) Apparently Mildred only believes in anything having to do with television. According...

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Mar 2014.
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