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Topics: Recycling, Recyclable materials, Reuse Pages: 4 (926 words) Published: October 4, 2014
Global warming is one of the most serious problems that our planet is facing today. Many scientists state that greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide is having a heating effect on the atmosphere, and this could be very dangerous for living things on the earth. To deal with this problem, people find a way to reduce the heating effect by recycling used material, but this could be more dangerous due to residue of the chemical in the new items. However, the things that we already used should not be around to recycle for several reasons. In this essay, I am going to talk about three weaknesses of recycling. Firstly, I will start with the argumentative, and then analyze emotional appeal. The first reason is that the processes of recycle costs are very high. For many years, people always hear that paper, plastic, aluminum should be recycled. When people are asked to make a decision between using recycled paper and new paper, they will choose recycled. This is because people probably believe that using recycle is saving tree and conserving our natural resources, but in the reality, the recycled paper significantly requires more resources (Elias, 2008). To make recycled paper, paper are mixed with fresh pulp that gets from newly cutting trees. In addition, Jordan Elias claims that the numerous trees that are cut to make fresh paper, they also cut to produce recycled paper as well(). Moreover, trees are not the only resource that are used to make paper. It also needs power that we usually use to burn coal, oil, or gas. The process of recycle paper, the old paper is turned in to pulp to use in making recycled paper and use fossil fuels in the same way as non-recycled paper. The second reason that why the things that already used should not be allowed to recycle is because it creates water pollution. The used paper required the removal of inks to remove before getting in the process. Different factories use different ways to process recycle paper. According to the article,...

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