Argumentative Essay

Topics: Violence, Crime, John Grisham Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: February 27, 2014
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Argumentative Essay

Does Violent Entertainment Result in Violent Behavior?

Ever watched a horror movie and wondered what it was like to go on a mass murder spree? Can this be motivation to cross the line and allowed the thoughts to control your actions and drive you to commit such a violent crime? Does violent entertainment result in violent behavior? In today’s world an argument can be made that we have an extreme overdose of technologically driven violence. Understanding the influences it can have on particular individuals, its no question why some believe that there’s a direct link between violent films and television and the behavior of those who watch them. The article published in “The Oxford America” titled “Unnatural killers” By John Grisham argues or rather blames the film “Natural Born Killers” and its creator Oliver Stone directly for the results of the unprovoked and vicious crimes committed by two teenagers “Sarah Edmondson, age nineteen,” and “Ben Darras, age Eighteen” leaving one man dead and another woman paralyzed (Grisham). There’s far more to the generalizations that its violence in our entertainment that creates these situations. And it can’t simply be the Hollywood film industry and Producers to blame.

Sarah Edmondson comes from a very stable and prestigious family from Oklahoma but “has admitted to a history of serious drug abuse” and was incarceration for psychiatric treatment at age fourteen. Ben Darras rather the opposite lifestyle as a child grew up with an abusive father that struggled with alcoholism that lead to two divorces from Ben’s mother and eventually lead to his own suicide. These are the clearly influences that Grisham makes obvious in he’s article but decides not to observe them as reasons for motive. Rather it was the direct influence from the rolls played by “Mickey & Mallory” the “two mindless lover, who blaze their way across the southwest,...

Cited: Grisham, John. “Unnatural Killers.” Oxford American 9 (1996). N.pag.Web. 22 Aug. 2013.
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