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Topics: Logic, Argumentative, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Name : Ilham Choirul Fitri_
Television is a Great Invention
In modern time, every people can get information from any others media. Newspaper, smart phone magazine, radio, television are include on it. Most people argue that newspaper is an easiest thing to bring and to buy, in order to get new information. But some people say that television is the worst invention of the modern times. Although television is the worst invention of modern times, many kinds of important news and knowledge are shown by television.

Some modern people claim that the quality of information from television was not accurate and less of important news, unlike any others media. Despite the fact that the information on television always fresh and actual. Many scientific believe that the information on TV is beneficial for every people, in order to get new and actual information. Moreover in this digital era people can also search the information by having sophisticate television as long as it connected to the internet.

Opponents also maintain that not all people able to buy television moreover for sophisticated television because the price is expensive, especially for poor people. But some research show that poor people prefer to get information from television than any others because they can also enjoy the program on the television, such movies, football, and others program. They can also enjoy and watch it with their big family in their house. Eventhough they just have little screen television. They also agree that the information given and shown by television is quite necessary for everyone because it gives new knowledge about education, food, advertisement, sport, and others. And they say that television is a great invention of modern times.

It should be evident that the arguments against are not valid. On the other hand many poor people use television as their best media to get information. Although they cannot buy modern television, they get many kinds of knowledge from...
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