Argumentative Essay

Topics: Flannery O'Connor, Short story, Family Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Argumentative Essay

In every story there is a driving force that makes it truly interesting. This negative force is what you can call the antagonist. Antagonist of a story is always that one struggle or strong
force that a character must overcome. Without this struggle the story wouldn’t be as
interesting. It doesn’t just makes the story interesting it also teaches you something. That is
why I agree in this quote “In every short story there is an antagonist”. Without that driving
force there wouldn’t be a story. It would just be random words on paper without meaning or
interest. In the good man is hard to fine by Flannery O’Connor one might argue that the
antagonist of the story is the misfit but the true antagonist is the Grandmother. Her personality
is the antagonistic force in the story that makes it interesting and she is also her own
The grandmother is obsessed with everything superficial, and cares far too much how other perceives her. The misfit revealed the negative side of the grandmother as her faith and moral are put to the test while pleading for her life. The decision of the grandmother is what leads the family vacation to a tragic ending, where the whole family was murdered. The grandmother was a selfish, egotistical, self centered, ignorant, inconsiderate, dishonest, and

sneaky. Without the grandmother and her selfish ways, the story would be just about and ordinary family going on vacation. There wouldn’t be a moral or a climax.
The grandmother she never turns her critical eye on herself to inspect her own hypocrisy, dishonesty, and selfishness. For example, the conscience the grandmother invokes at the beginning of the story is conveniently silent when she sneaks her cat into the car, lies to the children about the secret panel in a house close to where she use to grow up, and kept her mouth shut and not reveal that she made a mistake about the location of the house. When the Misfit...
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