Argumental Paper

Topics: Belt, Jeans, Sex Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: February 16, 2012
Argumental Paper (Sagging Pants)

The definition of sagging pants is pants that are worn below the waist. This style has become popular to this generation. Sagging pants became a style to this generation by rappers. Some of this generation thinks it is cool to wear sagging pants. I beg to differ; I think it shows how immature and a lack of carrying yourself in a proper and appropriate way. What they don’t know is that sagging pants originally came from prison and in prison it showed to other males that you are available to the same sex. It really bothers me when I see some guys and even some girls copy this style. I think there should be a law that bans sagging pants. It is so inappropriate for anybody to walk around the streets with their pants almost touching their ankles. Some of them don’t even know that Henderson is so small so everybody knows what you do. In an instance anybody can be called for a job interview and I hope that they don’t sag while going to that job interview or even going on that date. I don’t understand sometimes why a girl would choose a like that. I think shouldn’t be a style and I think it should be taught to all the males and females that does it. I know I’m an older person and it’s my opinion but I believe even some of the younger people that are their age would agree with me. When I see some males like that I simply ask them “Why would you want to copy the style of rappers “? Also I tell them that rappers don’t have anything to lose because most of them are sitting in million dollars houses and mansion while you are still here in Henderson. If I could really speak to them like I speak to my children in a good manner I would tell the where sagging came from and really she if that would change their mind about sagging. I think sagging is a poor way to show that you are intelligent and to show that you are not going to be another statistic. But as long as we people keep on letting them follow that style they are going to keep on...
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