Argument Paper

Topics: Pornographic film, Pornography, Organized crime Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Argument Paper
I believe that pornography should not be restricted by the law. The reason I believe this is through an economic view, the United States would lose billions of dollars mainly because America is in fact, the number one exporter of pornographic movies in the world. Also the last time that the United States had banned a major component of the economy major problems had occurred such as organized crime and many arrests for illegal consumption and distribution of banned substances and that cost the United States a lot of money. Not only does this bring in money for the United States, this also provides jobs and a income to many citizens within the United States. Now even though right now pornography is in fact legal to make and sell, it is very frowned upon because it is considered morally wrong by many religious groups such as Catholicism. According to catholic teachings pornography is wrong. Any participation or viewing of any pornographic video is considered a sin against God. Catholics have many reasons both religious reasons and secular reasons for why porn is wrong. Symbolically catholics see the human body as a reflection of God, so abusing the body for porn is essentially abusing God. Also Catholics believe that sex is for two specific reasons; babies and real love. Real love is choosing what is best for the other, regardless of the cost. So since porn is sex without it being with “the one” they really frown upon it. Secularly catholics and even non-Catholics have reasons for being against porn. These reasons are simple and based on statistics. For example porn ruins many relationships. Internet based porn was a major cause for nearly 2 of every 3 divorces. So there are many reasons for being against porn, both symbolically and secularly. And I understand those reasons and they are very logical practical reasons but I honestly still think that porn should remain legal anyway.

Many people don’t realize that pornography plays a great part in...
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