Argument of Hr

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Argument of HR

1. Executive Summary
This paper explores the deficiencies of the two briefs which are “Anyone can do HR” and “HR focuses on costs which must be controlled”. Obviously, these two briefs are one-sided. He can not fully understand the important position in the development of a enterprise.

In modern times, HR has been promoted to a high degree of enterprise development strategies and plays more and more important roles in the development of enterprises. In the modern business management, HR is the core position. It is important for a wise leader to consider HR as the main part and power of the management.

Because of the important role of HR, the human resources managers are demanded to have professional skills of HR. So the brief that “Anyone can do HR” is not right. At the same time, costs which must be controlled is just one of functions of the HR department.

2. Introduction
Human resources management refers to a series of corporate human resources policies and appropriate management activities. These activities include the development of corporate human resources strategy, the recruitment and selection of staff, training and development of staff, performance management, compensation management, management of employee mobility, employee relationship management, employee safety and health management. In other words, enterprises apply modern management methods to implement a series of activities which are the planning, organization, command, control and coordination of human resources (selection), development (educating people), keep (keeping people) and use (employment) to achieve the development goals of enterprises. (Wright & Nishii, 2006)

Human resource management is an emerging discipline, coming out in the late 20th century. The history of human resource management is not long, but the idea of personnel management has a long history. From the beginning of 18th century industrial revolution to 1970s, this period is known as the traditional personnel management phase. Since 1970s, the traditional personnel management developed into HR.

2.1 The Traditional Personnel Management Phase

The traditional personnel management phase includes three phases: the scientific management phase, the industrial psychology phase, and the relationship management phase.

1. The scientific management phase

Early 20th century, Friedrich Creek Taylor created a school of scientific management theory as representatives, and promoted the large-scale practice of the theory. Taylor proposed a "piece-rate wage system", “hourly wag system” and the introduction of labor quota management. 1911, Taylor published a book named "Principles of Scientific Management" which laid the foundation of scientific management theory.

2. The industrial psychology phase

The research results of Hugo Munster berg, promote the scientific process of personnel management. The book “Psychology and industrial efficiency” published by Hugo Munster berg in 1913 marked the industrial psychology coming into being.

3. The relationship management phase

1929, A research team led by Professor Mayo of Harvard University went to the Westinghouse Electric Corp for the Hawthorne experiment, which lasted for 9 years. The experiment got the show of the research about human behavior in an organization started.

2.2 The HR Phase

It includes the putting forward phase of HR and the developing phase of HR.The concept of HR was presented by Peter F. Drucker in his “The Practice of Management” in 1954. Since 1980s, the theory of HR grew up, was accepted by enterprises, and replaced the traditional personnel management. In the 1990s, the theory of HR continued to mature. People discussed more of how the HR serving for the strategy-to-business, how the role of HR changed into a strategic partner to the executive. The appearing and development of strategic human resource management mark that the modern HR goes into a new phase.

3. Discuss HR...
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