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Earliest written records regarding the worship of a mother goddess date to circa 4000 b.c.e. By 3000 b.c.e. “mother goddesses” appeared everywhere in the known world in statues, shrines, and written records. Later written evidence shows that these goddesses served a variety of purposes. Archaeologists over the past generations have uncovered thousands of stone, clay and metal goddesses or female figures. Hardly any of these figurines are male. These numerous goddess figurines from archaeological sites have usually been immediately dismissed as "mere" fertility figures by both male and female researchers. The tiny three-inch figure named the Venus of Villendorf demonstrates this. She was found in the nineteenth century, when European Victorian male society prevailed. It was given a distinct signature that is still attached to this female figurine. To date, most of the scholarly writings have not given these feminine artifacts or the ensuing scholarly exploration on them legitimate status. However, the multitude of evidence proves that goddess worship is older than god worship. The earliest goddesses were faceless which, I believe, illustrated their multi-representative purpose amongst their culture and religion. Most of the figurines are designed without any feet, depicted as coming from the ground which quite possibly demonstrates the idea and beliefs of the mother earth concept. Many of these female figures were naked and big breasted with plentiful, robust buttocks and bellies. These artifacts exemplified the stature of the prehistoric female deity, which demonstrated strong prominent powers of the goddesses through the females ability to experience female menstruation and child birth, which was clearly unobtainable by the male population throughout prehistory. Various figurines also represent the female as pregnant, giving birth, or nursing a child. Therefore it appears...
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