Argument Essay: Right to Die

Topics: Decision making, Law, Euthanasia Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: June 21, 2013
The Right to Die: An Ethical Battle

The Right to die is a highly debatable and argumentative subject at present surrounded by controversy and dilemma requiring public attention. For years, arguments among different doctrines and viewpoint in regards to ones “right to die” have public opinion beginning to move away from modern medicine, back to the historical arguments on euthanasia: to avoid suffering the dying person has the right to end their life by another if that is necessary. Our society is at war in arguing to protect life no matter what the circumstance and fighting for the rights of an individual who is unable to communicate if he or she wants to continue living. Laws are being purposed to help protect people in a controversy position and protecting their rights. The medical end finds physicians and families at odds with these governmental laws when faced with a decision under certain circumstances. The purpose of this paper will review the issues of the “right to die” that are hot topics among the medical community which include: ethical dilemmas, individual rights, and society efforts to keep the law supporting the needs of the many.

Today’s advancements in medical technology has given means to help with diagnostic testing to determine a person’s status in disease process, prognosis or physical ailments causing extensive pain and suffering that were not available in years past. Upon entering the medical environment, choices can be made with “advance directives” instructing healthcare professionals and family members in an individual’s wishes. Advance Directives are Living Wills, Medical Power of Attorney’s, and other individual wishes documented while of sound mind and body. When one does not have an Advance Directive, these decisions are left to the patient and their family with the guidance of the physician within the boundaries of the law. A physician is bound

by an oath to “sustain life and do no harm”. A physician can have his...

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