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By ashmorales2109 Apr 22, 2014 330 Words
Teenagers having access to condoms

It seems more and more teenagers are becoming sexually active at a younger age these days. As a precaution some high schools are giving teenagers access to free condoms. Does giving them access to condoms lead to irresponsible, dangerous and bad behavior? Most people will say that teenagers having access to condoms will allow them to be more sexually active. Teenagers are irresponsible, dangerous and have bad behavior when concerning sex because of the lack of knowledge, unable to afford protection, and no communication wit their parents.

Teenagers experience hormonal changes and become curious about sex. Most teenagers will turn to peers, social media, or the internet. Most of the time the information they receive can be wrong or misleading therefore educating teenagers is very important. They would be educated on the dangers of having sex and the consequences such as contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD), or an unplanned pregnancy. Most often teenage girls are not aware that there is such a thing as birth control to prevent pregnancy.

The cost of protection such as birth control and condoms, as well as STD testing can be pricey, especially for a teenager. Most teenagers do not have a source of income and would then have to ask their parents for money. A lot of times parents will then question the teenager what the money will be used for. Teenagers usually do not want to tell the truth so they will more than likely avoid asking their parents and find another way to receive income.

Most parents feel uncomfortable when it comes to talking to their teenager about sex. They can sometimes feel their teenager is too young to have that discussion. Being honest about open with a teenager is the best thing for a parent to do.

I feel that giving teens access to condoms will encourage them to have sex therefore it needs to be more difficult for them to gain access to condoms.

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