Argument Essay

Topics: Education, Advertising, Corporation Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Argument Essay
The advertisements on the walls in the halls and the corporate logos on uniforms aren’t as bad as some people thick. Corporate partnerships are great for schools; it makes money for the school while advertising products. The advertisements of corporate partnerships are a necessity for cash-strapped schools.

With corporate partnerships, schools get more money to buy more equipment. The World History AP books that the sophomores of North Garland High School use are approximately 10 years old. Many of them have been written in, some have missing pages, and some are even missing the front cover of the textbook! With the money the school makes, it can buy new books, or do renovations. An example would be, getting new extension hallways and new buildings and facilities for the school. Corporate companies also sponsor sports and players get new and better uniforms. A school can get a hold of all this with just corporate partnerships, and all they are asking for in return is to advertise their company. That is a really good deal providing financial relief to the schools. In addition, the school wouldn’t have to depend on the parents’ taxes as much.

Many who oppose may say that it is distracting students from their overall learning process. Advertisements that are in schools are posters and advertisements that have been approved by the district. Moreover, it is a mere poster on the wall, students may look at it no more than a minute and that is if they even bother to look at it. Numerous students can care less about these posters and move on not harming their education. Besides by just looking at a poster or logo on a uniform, students are not going to be thinking about it for the rest of the day preventing them from learning in school. If logos of the corporate companies are “distracting students” they wouldn’t the logos of branded clothing they get from retail stores like American Eagle Outfitters or Areopostal? Not letting companies put their...
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