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Topics: Animal testing, Animal Liberation Front, Animal rights Pages: 3 (770 words) Published: June 19, 2013
As an established researcher and in just recently developing a revolutionary synthetic skin graft to save the lives of burn victims I cannot accept and fail to adhere to government regulations to perform required animal testing in order for my discovery to be utilized by hospitals. Although animals are used for research in a variety of settings and enables scientists to test the safety of medications and other substances there are conditions for this particular discovery that animal testing would positively benefit my study.

Under government regulations I would be expected to torture animals with burns from chemicals, heat, and fire. Not only does this bring ethical or moral confrontations to the surface but it draws the attention of animal activist groups that could produce detrimental and devastating consequences for my research. A cost analysis of animal testing for this study shows clearly that costs do not out weigh benefits and more so the reliability and validity of animal test results have a substantially high possibility of incorrectly producing accurate information which determines the usefulness of animal testing to be poor and inapplicable for my research.

A major ethical issue with animal testing is that it involves pain, suffering, and discomfort. One of the major disadvantages to animal testing is that a significant number of animals are harmed or die as a result of experiments and testing. Unfortunately, many of the products used on animal subjects never receive approval for human use or consumption. This is why many animal protesters in our communities find the practice to be morally and ethically wrong. This belief alone has produced events of extremism which has lead to the demise of many strong scientific organizations and studies. It is no secret that regulations designed by the government that require the use of animal testing place a huge target on research organizations and limit the opportunity for progress. Huntingdon LIfe...
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