Argument Analysis: America’s Real Dream Team

Topics: Immigration, Immigration to the United States, The Reader Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: April 8, 2014
Argument Analysis: America’s Real Dream Team
In “America’s Real Dream team”, published in the New York Times on March 21, 2010, Thomas went to a big Washington party to attend the 2010 Intel Science Talent Search finals. To his surprise, Most of the finalists who came from American high school hailed from immigrant families, largely from Asia. Thomas declares himself a “pro-immigration” fanatic. He points out keeping a constant flow of legal immigrants is the key to make our country stronger. He also explained that the most important economic competition is between people and their own imagination. And this new idea can be used to produce commodity at a very low price by all kinds of ways, and can creates great profits for economy. Thomas Friedman used metaphor, special list, specific examples, and a sincere tone to illustrate that it is possible to make more technological and economical improvements through an open immigration policy. Thomas uses metaphors in the title to create boundless association. While using metaphors, it not only attracts reader’s attention but also make a foreshadowing for readers to think about: what is America’s real dream team? After reader thinking about the comparison, it’s more convenient for him to elucidate his own view in the argument. “Dream team” is a reference to the U.S. basketball team assembled for the 1992 Olympic that contained the best players at that time. Thomas compared the young people who generate new ideas to “dream team” to imply that these young people will use the new ideas they sparked to create miracles and will become the” real dream team” in the future. Metaphors here can make the abstract easier for readers to understand, additionally, it makes the language more vivid. In addition to metaphors, Thomas made use of a special statistics to make an obvious point: most of the finalists are immigrates. Usually, the writer will use statistics in this way: there are 40 finalists in total and how many percent...
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