Argument Against Public Performances by Animals

Topics: The Animals, Earth, Natural environment Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Argument against public performances by animals

We the humans specially the scientists have turned the Earth’s color green to gray. In geography we often read that Earth is the only planet to live in. We are not just affecting ourselves we are also affecting the innocent animals who don’t even know what is going on the Earth. These animals are not always affected by pollution but by the public performances. They are too much mistreated by us and we must stop it, because they are the essential part of our eco-system.

Animals that are used for entertainment often endure many hours of long distance travelling in small confined cages with no climate controls, sleeping, eating, etc. Although some says that the animals get to stretch out after the trip, which is not generally the case. The animals must be contained prior to the start of the performance. Virtually 96 % of their lives are spent in chains or cages. These animals are also trained using extreme discipline such as whipping, hitting, poking and shocking with electrical prods. Many times the animals used in circuses are injured and are killed when they are no more useful.

Circuses that exploit animals make lofty claims about their educational values and their contributions to conservations. It is not good for humans to use animals in entertainment shows, because such act is equivalent to exploitations. While humans and animals belong to different species, both are capable of feeling pain or pleasure. Both could feel emotions like happiness, loneliness, etc. Both could also feel thirst and hunger. Animals shouldn’t be used in public performances, because naturally they also have the right to live their life as they want. It should be noted that the right of animals could be different from the rights of humans.

When animal circuses do come to town, we should write letters to newspaper editors and to the sponsors telling them circuses don’t need to feature wild animals to be entertaining. We must...
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