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By Razona Jul 04, 2013 442 Words
Working Mothers
All mothers are working mothers, but those who have a career away from home have an extra challenge in their life. In many families today, mothers continue to work because they have careers that they have spent years developing. Some mothers need to work to support their family. I'm against working mothers because she will be bad mood most of the time, she will not have time for her home and children, and can't have fun time because she is busy every weekend. The first reason against working is that they mothers have less time to rest because they have two jobs their home and the work. They are in a bad mood all day because of the pressure of working at a business. Because they haven't time to fun or visit family and friends, they become in a gloomy mode. Working mothers most of the time be in a bad mood because of stress at work. The second reason against is that working mothers don’t have a fun time with their families or friends because of their jobs. Also, working mothers don't have a break on the weekend to have fun from their work, whether at home or job. Working mothers are always tired, so instead of spending time in weekends for fun or visits, they sleep or rest. Many of the working mothers can't afford the balance between family and work responsibilities. The last reason against is that working mothers don't have time to watching their children. Children of working mothers often suffer from physical, psychological and emotional neglect and lack of education and medical care because of the non-existence of the mother with them. Work mothers go to job even see their child and back to home when the child are sleep, which that have a bad effect for their children. However, I see that working mother should be more organization and accurate in her life if she want to work. that right I'm against with working mothers but I think some mother need to work because maybe her life is hard or her husband died so she need money for herself and her children's. We need also allocation time to take care of our children we want our children become good people in our society. As you can see, there are many points of argument against working mothers. Some people say that they agree with the idea of a working mother. They think working mothers don't face the pressures of their lives, just a change of routine in their lives. Also they say working mother will be more independence and strength in her life.

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