Arguing Abortion Bcom 275

Topics: Roe v. Wade, Human rights, Law Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Arguing Abortion
Danielle Staples
BCOM 275
Tuesday January 8, 2013
Walter Wise

Arguing Abortion
Abortion is a legal and necessary medical procedure to have available in the United States. Despite spiritual, emotional, or physical beliefs, the basic truth of any right or law is that a person is free to express his or her opinion and to fight for causes, provided it does not harm another person. This concept could also be applied to the issue of abortion. Though some may argue that a woman who gets an abortion is, in fact, harming another person, medical research has yet to define personhood as happening in the “moment of conception.” Personhood (which is what the concept would apply to) is defined as happening in the “moment of birth” (, 2012).

Moreover, it is false to argue “God” or faith into any topic affecting human rights because not everyone believes the same thing and there is no proof that “God” exists. Though, there are theories based on scientific research discussing the creation of the universe that could suggest that a universal mind had to be the creator based on the precision and placement of the galaxies. However, there is no proof of this. There is a separation of church and state to keep faith and spirituality out of laws that govern lives. The Bible is faith, but the Constitution is law. The Bible is not the governing law of the United States. Therefore, the argument that “God” says abortion is not allowed is invalid.

Incidentally, a research article from provides information on the topic of abortion, among many other controversial topics. The main focus of this website is to analyze critically a topic and provide the good and the ugly points of view. On the issue of abortion it offers several pro-life arguments and pro-choice arguments along with video clips and statistics to back up their evidence. Another argument is that abortion goes directly against the intentions of the founding...

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