Argentinean Defeat in Falklands War

Topics: Falklands War, Royal Navy, Falkland Islands Pages: 3 (1135 words) Published: April 22, 2013
"Poor leadership and inferior technology" - Would these factors explain the Argentinean defeat in the Falklands War of 1982? The Falklands War lasted 74 days and ended with Argentine surrender on 14 June, which returned the islands to British control. The Argentinean troops were superior in number, but despite this, the British forces were able to take over the Falkland Islands. Poor leadership and inferior technology have been suggested to be two of the reasons behind the Argentinean defeat, and in this essay I aim to discuss these aspects, and determine if they can explain the Argentinean defeat in the Falklands War of 1982. Firstly, I aim to discuss aspects in favor of the argument, beginning with the British superiority, respective Argentinean inferiority, regarding weapons and material. After the British ships had been sent to the Falkland Islands, they circulated around the Islands and were ordered to attack any Argentinean ship entering a specific area several miles outside the Islands. Argentinean ships approached both north and south, but a British submarine followed and was therefore able to track the Argentinean ship coming from south. The Argentinean ships were superior in number, although, the British ships were superior in technology, and combined with a little luck, it was possible for them to sink several ships, including Argentina’s most powerful warship General Belgrano. This marked the end of the naval war in the Falklands as the Argentinean ships withdrew. Argentina suffered from a severe economic crisis as a result of the “dirty war” when the ruling military Junta killed about 30 000 of anyone that could be regarded as opposition, mostly people with a left side ideology. They crippled from foreign debt, which meant that they couldn’t spend a great amount of money on new high technological weapons, as oppose to England who received practical support from the US. Although, Argentina seemed to have a large advantage in air power at the...
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