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Argentina (Pollution)

By Parwinn Sep 15, 2014 640 Words

Like other countries Argentina suffers from environmental degradation. The main threats to its biodiversity and landscapes are deforestation and pollution. In Argentina, there are many environmental issues that include air pollution, inaccessibility, dissatisfaction with garbage disposal, dirtiness, water pollution etc.

One of the biggest factors of pollution in Argentina would be air pollution, which to a certain extend is caused by the society. Despite knowing that transport vehicles such as private vehicles, taxis, and buses can cause urban air pollution, we still need it by which the society is somewhat responsible. In Argentina aging diesel buses may be the primary culprits in deteriorating urban air quality. Another factor is factories with their subsidized smokestacks. Air pollution in Buenos Aires comes from residential, commercial and small industrial combustions and emissions from the domestic airport.

The next issue is Deforestation in Argentina, which is due to agricultural expansion of soybean. Cordoba has the highest level of deforestation in Argentina. All that remains is five percent of the 12 million hectares of native forest that the province had at the start of the 20th century. And fires that broke out in August and September devoured 40,000 more hectares of forests and grasslands in the hills. The Córdoba Environment Agency which is the government body in charge of environmental matters in the province, drew up a controversial bill that was voted into law this month. The new law bans clear-cutting over the next 10 years, but allows “sustainable logging” in native forests.

One of the biggest pollution problems in Argentina is Polluted Rivers. The heavy polluted Matanza-Riacheulo river basin. This river meanders for 40 miles through Buenos Aires. The people there can be partly blamed for the cause of this pollution, as the polluted rivers have been polluted for years by industrial waste, sewage, and everyday garbage. This has had a negative impact on the seven million people who are living near or along the river. As they get dirty water, dirty air and many more health problems. Polluted rivers have always been a problem in Argentina, and for nearly 200 years, the government is struggling to find a resolution to keep rivers clean. According to a report from the executive committee for the environmental management plan, that an average of 82,000 cubic meters of industrial waste enters the river daily. Zinc, lead, copper, magnesium and many more have a constant presence in the water. It’s known that the area called Villa Inflammable, 50% of the children have lead in their blood, and some had chrome, and benzene in their urine. Benzene can impact the immune system, which can cause cancer. This shows how the polluted rivers have effected the environment in a negative way, that it’s becoming dangerous for people.

How is Argentina helping?

Due to the pollution in the rivers, residents have complained. In response to the lawsuit by residents affected by the pollution, the Argentine high court summoned 44 companies to report on the waste they dump into the Riacheulo River. The government has present a management plan called for a public hearing for all parties. Also the national supreme court said that companies must report in 30 days about the liquid waste they dump in the water, its treatment and if they insurance required by the environmental law so that they can respond if harm is caused.

Soy is a key crop and major source of income for Argentina, but to ensure it’s not at the expense of vulnerable natural areas such as the Atlantic Forest ecoregion, WWF is working along with businesses, government agencies, and NGOs to develop alternatives. International standards to regulate air pollutants and make fuels cleaner are already practice in Argentina, but also around the world. Cleaner modes of transportation and energy generation using sustainable, renewable resources are growing in the region already. 

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