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Fast Facts
Population: 38,592,000
Capital City: Buenos Aires
Language: Spanish, English, Italian, German and French
Religion: Roman Catholic
Literacy Percent: 97

Argentinean Society & Culture
-Most Argentines are primarily of European descent, which separates them from other Latin American countries where European and Indian cultures are more mixed. - Culturally and emotionally, Argentines often seem more European than Latin American. -The family is the centre of Argentine life with extended families still having prominence. -The heads of powerful families command widespread respect, but with this comes a responsibility to care for others in terms of security, jobs, etc and to maintain personal and family honour. -Honour is in all respects the be all and end all and it routinely affects day-to-day life at home, in the community and in business. General Etiquettes and Customs

-Initial greetings are formal and follow a set protocol of greeting the eldest or most important person first. -A standard handshake, with direct eye contact and a welcoming smile will suffice. -Maintaining eye contact indicates interest.

-In general, Argentines prefer third-party introductions, so you should wait for your host or hostess to introduce you to others at a small gathering. -When leaving, say good-bye to each person individually.

-If invited to dinner at an Argentine's home bring a small gift for the hostess. -Since taxes on imported spirits are extremely high, a bottle of imported spirits is always well received. -Do not give knives or scissors as they indicate a desire to sever the relationship. -Gifts are opened immediately.

-If you are invited to an Argentine home:
-Dress well. Men should wear a jacket and tie. Women should wear a dress or a skirt and blouse. -Arrive 30 to 45 minutes later than invited for a dinner party. Arriving on time is not the norm. -Telephone your hosts the following day to thank them.

Business Etiquette, Customs and Protocol in Argentina
Relationships & Communication
-Argentina is a relationship-driven culture, so it is important to build networks and use them. -Argentines maintain and use an intricate network of family and friends to call upon for help, favors or assistance. -If a favor is done for you, you will eventually be called upon to re-pay it. -Name-dropping and nepotism do not have the negative connotations as it has in the West and can be used to your advantage. -Above all Argentines like to do business with people they know and trust. -They prefer face-to-face meetings rather than by telephone or in writing, which are seen as impersonal. -Once a relationship has developed, their loyalty will be to you rather than to the company you represent. -Looking good in the eyes of others is important to Argentines. Therefore, they will judge you not only on what you say, but also on the way you present yourself. -Avoid confrontation. Argentines do not like publicly admitting they are incorrect. -It is imperative to show deference and respect to those in positions of authority. When dealing with people at the same level, communication can be more informal. -Be alert for nuances and hidden meanings. It is a good idea to repeat details, as you understand them to confirm that you and your business colleagues are in agreement. Business Meeting Etiquette

ìAppointments are necessary and should be made 1 to 2 weeks in advance, preferably by e-mail or telephone. ìAvoid January and February, which are their vacation times; the middle weeks of July, which is when many go skiing; and during the two weeks before and after Christmas. ìYou should arrive on time for meetings, although the person you are meeting may not be punctual. ìIn some older, more bureaucratic organizations, the more important the person you are meeting, the longer they keep you waiting. ìDo not immediately begin discussing business. Small talk helps establish a rapport. ìThe person...
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