Areyes Recycling Is the Best Strategy.

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Recycling Is The Best Strategy To Reduce Global Warming.
Anthony Reyes, COM/170
March 21, 2013
Susan Hecht

Recycling Is the Best Way to Reduce Global Warming
Some people might call environmentalists tree huggers, or even call them squirrel whisperers. The rhetorical names can be surprising for individuals who study the field and individuals who want to major in environmental science. But the reality is evident that people who recycle help the environment and are the ones who make a big difference in nature. Recycling benefits the planet, and with a good strategy people can go green. Recycling is the best strategy to prevent and reduce global warming, reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and reduce the impact of waste. Recycling helps the environment provide clean, effective, and efficient energy. Global Warming and the Environment

Because recycling reduces carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere, it is evident by recycling existing steel rather than creating new steel, we can prevent global warming. “Hold your breath?” One might say, or “The air is contaminated by carbon.” How society hears fallacies in media or in papers might not be fairly true. Dealing with global warming does not mean we have to stop breathing because of potential emission already in our climate, but let us look at the chart for an example on emissions currently in our atmosphere. 78%| Nitrogen (molecule: N2) makes up most of the air. Eight out of 10 molecules are nitrogen.| 21%| Oxygen (molecule: O2) the remaining two molecules make up our air, that's 20 percent.| .1%| Carbon Dioxide (molecule: CO2) without it, our trees and plants cannot grow. When we breathe out, we help the environment! Carbon dioxide makes up just three out of 10,000 atoms/molecules of air.| ("The Zone Hole,” 2012). 

Also, if we are driving a car for no particular reason, one might be contributing to waste, not contributing or giving back to the environment at any degree. Less emissions means better natural resources. While recycling helps the economy in many areas, recyclers also contributes to putting iron back into the market, to produce new manufactured parts for vehicles, and to produce steel and aluminum that come from furnaces when recycled. Recycling also produces refrigerators, appliances, and washer-dryers. Most importantly recycling gives the recycler money in return whether it is for aluminum, copper, glass, plastic, or even green e-waste from computer parts. The nation wonders why global warming is affecting the world, how these greenhouse gasses impact the environment catastrophically. Not to mention; frequently blaming only the environmentalist, scientist, or other country at fault. (CO2) emissions can be harmful to our natural resources and there are already authorities taking action to solve some of the problems. “Carbon savings calculated for EU recycling targets” (2008) emphasizes that the Proposed European Union (EU) recycling targets of 50% of domestic waste by 2020 could save CO2 emissions of more than 89 million tons per year, according to a study commissioned by Friends of the Earth. Global warming and the environment might not be potentially catastrophic today. But if there is no awareness or programs to monitor these events; therefore what will our descendants breath in the next generation, Carbon? Impacts and the Effect on Waste to the Environment

We must not depreciate our environmentalist with nicknames such as “The Tree hugger” or “squirrel whisperers” without knowing the hard evidence each person engages to contribute to one’s work. As many people who enjoy the adventure of visiting natural forests, they also see rapid areas of land being diminished so that landfills can take more natural resources to producing new areas for unreasonable waste. New landfills impact new land taking large areas ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 acres of ground. These are ranges that materialize inside the United States when a new location is...

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