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Areas of Specialization

By Bosslady888 Aug 14, 2013 543 Words
Areas of Specialization

|Number |Subjects of study in psychology |Areas of specialization in |Definition and key points of this |Rationale (reason why you matched |Possible research method of study| | | |psychology (match with below |specialization (be sure to use |this subject of study with this |(experimental, correlational, | | | |options) |professional sources) |specialization in psychology) |observational, case study, | | | | | | |interview) and why this one may | | | | | | |fit the best | |1 |Studying the causes of aggression in |Social and personality |This study is how people behave |I matched this subject of study |Correlational- this study has to | | |reaction to others in their environment. | |and interact in social situations,|with this specialization because |do with behavioral and social | | | | |how friendships develops, what |it describes what causes |situations so I believe it fits | | | | |causes aggression and how |aggression in reaction to others |the possible research. | | | | |prejudices are formed. |in their environment. | | |2 |Studying the period when a newborn child |Developmental Psychology |This study is knowing how language|I matched this subject of study |Observational-Someone might want | | |recognizes his or her parent. | |ability develops from infancy to |with this specialization because |to observe a newborn child and | | | | |preschool years and then to |when a newborn child acknowledges |how they are developing from | | | | |adolescence. |the outside world their brain is |infancy to preschool years and | | | | | |developing the ability to know |then to adolescence. | | | | | |things. | | |3 |Sharing some research about the best |Clinical Psychology |This study works on diagnosis, |I matched this subject of study |Case study- I chose case study | | |strategies to manage work place stress. | |understanding, and treatment of |with this specialization because |because you have to do research | | | | |severe emotional problems, and |it focuses on what stress and |in order to find out the best | | | | |behavioral problems. |emotional problems, this fits the |strategies for managing work | | | | | |criteria. |place stress. | |4 |Determining which chemical or |Neuropsychologists |This study focuses on the human |Neurotransmitters activate the |Experimental- I chose this one | | |neurotransmitter might be activated when | |brain and it impacts on behavior. |memory or performance inside the |because scientist would need to | | |people use coffee as a memory or | | |brain so this area of |evaluate what activates the brain| | |performance “enhancer”. | | |specialization matches its |to use memory. | | | | | |description within the human | | | | | | |brain. | | |5 |Reviewing the thought process of someone |Cognitive Psychology |This study focuses on how each |I chose this area of |Case study- this is time | | |who has difficulties remembering things | |individual acquires, stores, |specialization because it |consuming but its process of | | |long-term. | |transforms, uses and communicates |describes how each individual can |knowing what someone remembers. | | | | |info. It identifies the mental |acquire information and how the | | | | | |process involved in remembering |mental process remembers things. | | | | | |things. | | | |6 |Methods to gain possible diagnoses in |Clinical Psychology |This study works on diagnosis, |I matched this area of |Interview-you would have to do an| | |efforts to understand emotional problems.| |understanding, and treatment of |specialization because it works on|interview against many people to | | | | |severe emotional problems, and |diagnosis of treatment of sever |identify the reason why emotional| | | | |behavioral problems. |emotional problems. |problems happen. |

Use these as the possible specializations to use in the above chart:

Clinical psychology or Clinical Psychologists
Health psychology
Biological psychology or Neuropsychologists
Developmental psychology
Social and personality
Cognitive psychology

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