Areas of Sociology

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The term “sociology” was coined by August Comte in the nineteenth century from the Latin word“socios” (companion with others) and the Greek word “logos” (study of reason) to describe the new science of social life. For purposes of scientific investigation, sociology as a discipline is divided into several areas. These are: 1. Social Organization This refers to social institutions, social groups, social inequality, social mobility, religious groups, and bureaucracy.These are the examples of social organizations: social institutions, social groups, social inequality, religious groups and bureaucracy. Social Institution- Family and School

Social Groups- Farmers Association and Professional Associations Social Inequality- Unemployed ,peasants, and poor people
Religious Groups- Catholic, Protestants and Muslims
Bureaucracy- Government Agencies and Local government Units
2. Social Psychology This refers to human nature and its focus on social processes as they affect the individual. The observations in their emotions, attitudes, perceptions and culture in ther community, school market and church. 3. Social Change This studies ecological changes, population, migration, technological change, new production techniques, culture change, political processes, social transformation, modernization, mass communication, and the impact of natural disaster. The Point of Inquiry in Social Change

A.Ecological Change
· Why are there so many diseases that occur now a day?
· As a nursing student, what can you do to prevent these diseases? · Why there is global warming?
· Why do people migrate?
C.Technological change
· What are the technologies in the 80’s?
· What are the new technologies now?
D.New production
· What are the things that man produce?
E,Culture Change
· What are the fading values that we have now?
F.Political Processes
· What political activities you are joining?
G.Social Transformation
· What are the good and bad ways of having social transformation? H.Mass Communication
· Do you think television and computers strongly influence the behavior of the people? 4. Population This studies size, growth, demographic characteristics, as well as corruption, migration, changes vis-à-vis economic, political and social systems. Question: What do you mean by population growth and demographic characteristics? 5.Applied Sociology This is concerned with resolving social problems through sociological research. Question: What are the social problems of our society?

Squatters, prostitution, large family size, migration of nurses, and poor nutrition . SQUATTERS. Those who are living in the squatter area, what might be the reason for them to migrate in the urban area or in the city? What are the research variables when we study this problem? Those people living in a certain area but they do not own the land. For the sociological research to solve the problem of squatters , what is the reason for them to migrate in the city? The research variables to study the problem of squatting are the background on employment, educational qualifications, occupation and source of income. The migration of the city is to find gainful employment for the family. However, they cannot find a job that suit there educational qualifications. They are usually farmers, fishermen, laborers on unskilled workers. The low income of the people is still the main reason why they cannot afford to buy their own house and lot. PROSTITUTION. Do you think prostitution and squatting have the same research variables as social problems? Usually those who are living in squatter areas are also the breeding ground for prostitution even drug abuse and illegal gambling. The research variables may still on low income and unemployment. The given research variables for squatters have the same reason for this social problems. MIGRATION OF NURSES. What might be the reason why nurses would like to work in other countries? The high salary and lucrative...
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