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Areas of Psychology

By malindakline Mar 28, 2013 1631 Words

Malinda S. Kline

March 13, 2013

Module 1: Assignment 3

PSY:101 General Psychology A03


Instructor Angela Snelling

Areas of Specialization

|Number |Subjects of study in |Areas of specialization in |Definition and key points of this specialization (be|Rationale (reason why you matched |Possible research method of | | |psychology |psychology (match with below |sure to use professional sources) |this subject of study with this |study (experimental, | | | |options) | |specialization in psychology) |correlational, observational, | | | | | | |case study, interview) and why | | | | | | |this one may fit the best | |1 | | |Definition |I chose Biological Psychology for |Observational Research- would be| | |Studying the causes of |Biological psychology or |“A science concerned with the integration of |this subject of study because it |used to see when a person’s | | |aggression in reaction to |Neuropsychologist |psychological observation on behavior and the mind |basically evaluates cause and |behavior changes and if any | | |others in their environment.| |Neurological Observations on the brain and nervous |effect. If something is causing a |outside factors incited the | | | | |system.” (Neuropsychology definition, 2013) |person to be aggressive to others |behavior. | | | | | |in a certain environment then | | | | | |Key Points |something Biological could be |Interview- would be used to ask | | | | |“Biological principles to the study of mental |going on. Biological Psychology |the person why they became | | | | |processes and behavior. The field examines the basic|and Neuropsychologists study this |aggressive to a person. By | | | | |biological processes that underlie normal and |behavior to find out why, and how |asking the subject this directly| | | | |abnormal behavior at the level of nerves, |to stop or prevent it further. |you get their side of the story | | | | |neurotransmitters, and brain circuitry.” (Humphreys,| |and not just inferences. | | | | |2011) | | | |2 | | |Definition |I chose Developmental Psychology |Observational Research- could be| | |Studying the period when a |Developmental psychology |“Branch of psychology concerned with changes in |for this subject because the time |used because it’s observing a | | |newborn child recognizes his| |cognitive, motivational, psychophysiological, and |that a newborn child recognizes |subject’s behavior for something| | |or her parent. | |social functioning that occur throughout the human |his parents is part of |specific or non specific. It | | | | |life span.” (Developmental Psychology, 2013) |Development. Developmental |would be a good study because | | | | | |Psychology studies the cognitive |the only way to tell the | | | | |Key Points |functioning of a person over their|development of a child or person| | | | |“Infant cognition, conceptual development, language |life span. It helps to say at what|is to observe them. | | | | |acquisition, and the development of symbolic |point in life humans will develop | | | | | |competence.” (University of Illinois Board of |certain traits, skills, and |Correlation Research- could be | | | | |Trustees , 2009) |abilities. |used because it shows a | | | | | | |relationship between two | | | | |“Focuses on the psychological changes of the human | |variables. The variables would | | | | |mind throughout the life span. Developmental | |be the child’s behavior, and how| | | | |psychologists study infants, the elderly, and every | |other children this age behave. | | | | |age in between.” (Humphreys, 2011) | | | |3 | | |Definition |I chose Social and Personality |Correlation Research- would be | | |Sharing some research about |Social and personality |“Understanding how people think, feels, and acts in |Psychology for this subject |good to evaluate what coping | | |the best strategies to | |real-world social situations.” (Psychology |because it relates to how people |skills affect what stress. | | |manage work place stress. | |Department, Cornell University , 2008) |respond to stress at work. Social | | | | | | |and Personality Psychology studies|Interview- would be good because| | | | |Key Points |a personality and how that |you can make a Case Study out of| | | | |“How people make sense of the world around them.” |particular personality responds to|interviewing several people | | | | |(Psychology Department, Cornell University , 2008) |different situations, like work |about their coping skills, and | | | | | |stress as in the example. It helps|how they help them manage work | | | | | |evaluate how people comprehend the|related stressors. | | | | | |world around them and respond to | | | | | | |the situations. | | |4 | | |Definition |I chose Health Psychology for this|Case Study/ Experimental- would | | |Determining which chemical |Health psychology |“Physical Health can be affected by the things that |subject because health psychology |be good because you are actually| | |or neurotransmitter might be| |people do, by the way they process information, |studies how chemicals affect a |testing the question. You are | | |activated when people use | |career choice, family dynamics, life troubles and |person’s health, and mental |performing an experiment by | | |coffee as a memory or | |the environment in which we live.” (Dr. Cheryl |health. Health psychology studies |taking subjects and exposing | | |performance “enhancer”. | |MacDonald, 2013) |how certain contributing factors |them to certain chemicals and | | | | | |can affect a person’s ability to |studying the results of tests, | | | | |Key Points |remember things, or activate |brain scans, simple questions, | | | | |“Exploring biological, psychological, cultural, |different neurotransmitters in the|etc. | | | | |societal, and environmental factors of life, and how|brain. | | | | | |each of these affects physical health.” (Dr. Cheryl | | | | | | |MacDonald, 2013) | | | |5 | | |Definition |I chose Cognitive Psychology for |Observational Research- would be| | |Reviewing the thought |Cognitive psychology |“A branch of psychology concerned with mental |this subject because this studies |good for this situation because | | |process of someone who has | |processes (as perception, thinking, learning, and |the mental processes of the brain.|the subject may be able to | | |difficulties remembering | |memory) especially with respect to the internal |If a person is having problems |remember certain things, or only| | |things long-term. | |events occurring between sensory stimulation and the|remembering things somewhere there|can remember things for a | | | | |overt expression of behavior—compare” (Merriam |is a miss communication in the |certain amount of time. This is | | | | |Webster Incorperated, 2013)  |brain affecting the person’s |where Case Study or Experimental| | | | | |memory. Cognitive Psychology |Research could be used as well | | | | |Key Points |studies the brain to find a way to|to study the brain further. Te | | | | |“ (1) Human cognition can at least in principle be |help people remember or find out |see why the subject is | | | | |fully revealed by the scientific method, that is, |how to correct the problem with |forgetting things and what the | | | | |individual components of mental processes can be |the memory, either by medication |person is forgetting. | | | | |identified and understood” ((Costall and Still, |or possible medical procedures or |Interview- will also work good | | | | |1987; Dreyfus, 1979; Searle, 1990) (Dosher, 2007)) |a specific learning interaction. |because you have to interview a | | | | | | |person to see what they can and | | | | |“(2) Internal mental processes can be described in | |can’t do. | | | | |terms of rules or algorithms in information | | | | | | |processing models. There has been much recent debate| | | | | | |on these assumptions.”( (Costall and Still, 1987; | | | | | | |Dreyfus, 1979; Searle, 1990) (Dosher, 2007)) | | | |6 | | |Definition |I chose Clinical Psychology for |Interview Research- would be the| | |Methods to gain possible |Clinical Psychology or |“The field of Clinical Psychology integrates |this subject because this is the |best option for this situation | | |diagnoses in efforts to |Clinical Psychologists |science, theory, and practice to understand, |beginning process of mental health|because you have to interview a | | |understand emotional | |predict, and alleviate maladjustment, disability, |treatment. Clinical Psychologists |person to find out how they are | | |problems. | |and discomfort as well as to promote human |perform evaluations on patients to|feeling, to find out how they | | | | |adaptation, adjustment, and personal development.” |diagnose and treat mental |respond to situations. | | | | |(American Psychological Association, 2013) |illnesses, or help people cope | | | | | | |with stressful situations in their|Observational Research- is | | | | |Key Points |lives by teaching coping skills. |another good study for this | | | | |“intellectual, emotional, biological, psychological,|Clinical psychology is a form of |situation because sometimes a | | | | |social, and behavioral aspects of human functioning |treatment to gain information |person can say something but | | | | |across the life span, in varying cultures, and at |about a person in order to treat |their actions are the opposite. | | | | |all socioeconomic levels” (American Psychological |them for emotional disturbances |For example if a person says | | | | |Association, 2013) |they may be having, so they can |they’re not sad but their | | | | | |live a better and more gainful |actions are crying you can tell | | | | | |life. |with observation that the person| | | | | | |is really sad. |


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