Areas Of Development

Topics: Psychology, Self-esteem, Developmental psychology Pages: 2 (840 words) Published: April 2, 2015
Describe, with examples for each area of development, how different aspects of development can affect one another. Physical development can have an emotional effect on a child because if the child does something good then they will get praised with will have a positive effect on the child which will make them happy. However, the child’s social development could be affected because if the child has a physical disability, e.g. the child is in a wheelchair, then the child would find it hard participating in certain physical activities/ games such as football or tennis and find it hard to form new friendships because if the child does not take part in new activities or games which could make him really angry and frustrated because he is unable to participate in things like other children which could affect his confidence. Physical development can affect his cognitive development because if the child does not take part in activities then the child would find it difficult learning about the game/ subject. Also if he does not use certain parts of his body due to this physical disability then the child may find it hard to communicate better than others because the child does not use certain muscles which could make it hard to learn or talk.

Emotional development can have an physical effect on a child because if the child participates in physical activities then the child would feel happy and more confident in taking part in other activities, emotional development can also effect a child’s social development, e.g. if the child is always upset, unconfident then the child may find it hard to form new friendships which would make the child have a low self esteem which would make it difficult for the child to make new friends. A child’s emotional development can affect their behavior especially if the child finds it hard to show emotion then the child would get angrier and would be unable to control himself. Emotional development could have a cognitive effect on...
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