Area Sales Manager

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Promotion to Manager

1. Whom should Longman choose for area sales manager and why?

Mr. Lester Longman should choose Steven Bellach. I think the key point of choosing Mr. Bellach or Ms. Bell for a senior area sales manager is which person is a proper sales manager who not only keeps the sales growth, but also has strong talent to motivate sales representatives. There is already an action by Mr. Longman that we cannot ignore; he already spent a lot of his time and expense choosing sales representatives in each area. If the person cannot make good use of the human resources that Mr. Longman already sent, Mr. Longman’s effort will be wasted. The action that Mr. Longman took was already his strategy to make new sales growth, but if he failed by choosing the wrong senior sales manager, he would have to rebuild a new strategy for a new sales manager. If I compare Ms. Bell and Mr. Bellach, Mr. Bellach has more experience of motivating representatives than Ms. Bell. Because, even if Ms. Bell is inspiring to other representatives, has a “take-charge” personality, and has helped him plan sales meetings, she seems not to have a skill to manage a group of representatives. Instead of her, Mr. Bellach has talent to make representatives look up to him and send supportive words to them. In my working experience, even if there are two managers whom I can look up to and get supportive words from, I preferred a manager who had an ability to give detail-oriented direction for a salesperson.

2. What will happen to the other person if s/he is not selected for the area sales manager’s position?

Mr. Longman can send the other person who is not selected for one area to get more experience to organize and manage a group of representatives in the other area, or he can send him or her to gain different experience and skill, for example, sending him/her abroad to develop international customer relationship skills. Perhaps, there might be one more choice that Mr. Longman can...
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