Are Zoos Cruel to Wild Animals?

Topics: Animal welfare, Extinction, Zoo Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: October 30, 2011
Are zoos cruel to wild animals?
We all know that zoos are a shelter and kind of museum for wild animals. The zoo authority is supposed to import rare wild animals from different places and keep them in the zoo with care and safety. Common man is allowed to watch these animals and understand their lifestyle and habitat. Some extinct animals and birds may be bred and reared in zoos. This not only ensures the safety and existence of these animals or birds but also helps the future generation to have a varied and first- hand knowledge of the animal species. This is what people like you and me believe. Many people believe that Zoos are simply parks where we can go visit animals. This isn’t true. Many zoos use animals for other purposes.  1. Zoos are known to have supplied animals for use in experiments. 2.  Zoos are known to have supplied animals to the exotic meat industry.  One zoo openly sold ostriches to ostrich farms. Another has supplied bison to a farm involved in breeding them for the bison meat trade. 3. Animals from UK zoos have ended up in circuses.

4. Zoos have sent animals to appalling conditions. . The orang-utan , whose name was Jimmy James, was shipped out unaccompanied. Jimmy James survived alone in his cage for four years until his death. 5. Animals can die prematurely in zoos. 

In 1991 twenty-five Asiatic Lions were born in zoos around the world - 22 of them died. In the same year 166 cheetahs were born in zoos, of which 112 died. 6. Surplus animals are destroyed or sold. 

Some animals breed well in captivity and their young are always appealing. But what happens to them when they get older? 7. Zoo animals may carry disease. 
Captive bred animals may pose a threat to wild populations by introducing disease. 8. Animals are still taken from the wild. 
Young elephants have come to UK zoos (and circuses) from Southern Africa, where they have witnessed their families being culled (killed by shooting). The young...
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