Are You Sure It's Fat Free

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Are You Sure It’s Fat Free

Dan Christianson

MAT 126

Melinda Hollingshed

November 15, 2010

Watching what we eat and dieting seems to be a very popular topic of discussion in many circles. Obesity in today’s society is classified as an epidemic. I know that I personally do not pay attention to the nutrition labels on the foods I eat, but after these exercises I may start.

According to our text, the food industry bases its figures on the weight of the product not the calories it contains. Here are the results I came up with, following the guidelines of multiplying the number of grams of fat as labeled. I figured each product both ways as shown in the text. I also chose items for each breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Bisquick Pancake Mix:
160 calories
5g of fat
5/145 x 100 = 3.4%

Correct calculations:
25/160 x 100 = 15.6%

Chunky Soup:
140 calories
3g of fat
3/87 x 100 = 3.4%

Correct calculations:
9/140 x 100 = 6.42%
Tombstone Frozen Pizza :
360 calories
14g of fat
14/406 x 100 = 3.44%

Correct calculations:
196/360 x 100 = 54.4%

In conclusion, it is very apparent the calculations differ a great deal. In each figure, the percent was greater in each scenario when calculated the correct way. It also appears that I may want to stop eating frozen pizza’s!

Bluman, A.G. (2005). Mathematics in Our World (1st ed.) Ashford University Custom Edition. New York: McGraw Hill.
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