Are You Ready Boots

Topics: Carrie Bradshaw, English-language films, Woman Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: March 22, 2009
Summary of Are you ready, boots?

1. Miss Lulu and Spencer are out shopping in New York. Miss Lulu finds some killer boots more precisely Manolos. She comparers herself and the shopping trip to Carrie Bradshaw from sex and the city. Spencer thinks she is a minx in those boots. Suddenly Miss Lulu´s great New York pal, Betty showed up in a pair of red patens mules which clearly are three sizes too big for her, but make her feel like a Bond Girl. She, Betty is famous for never paying the full price for anything. It was like a religion with her. Some days after Spencer call Miss Lulu at home and tell her, she is going with him and some of his favorite boy pals to an opening of a restaurant. Later that night she spots a seriously handsome man, who becomes her boyfriend, but there relationship is not like red roses.

Characterization of the main character

2. I assume Miss Lulu is a young woman in the early thirties. A woman who is a little bit shopaholic, because she ends up using 2 months of rent. In this short story, Miss Lulu is out shopping for boots in New York and almost reaches heaven. To me she seems like a normal woman, who´s not loaded of money. Spencer though who is with her. Is her rich friend. She could have a self-confidence problem, because when she sees the guy in the restaurant, it seems like it is only because of her boots that she has the confidence to go up to him. She is the one who took the initiative to start talking to Mr. cutie dream guy and her first sentence is “ You´ve been standing alone for ages, I´ve come to keep you company”

Comment the role of the men in the text

3. There are two men in the text, one of the men are Spencer, who Miss Lulu´s rich friend Spencer. He is a guy who cares and concerns for Miss Lulu which you can see in the text when he calls to invite her to the opening of the new restaurant with his marry men, and he is shopping with her and tells her how she looks, and finally he...
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