Are you ready boots

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Maggie Alderson
”Are You Ready, Boots?” 2007

Are You Ready Boots is a short story about an English girl called Lulu and her black leather boots. The story begins in New York where Lulu, her good pal Spencer and another freind are on a four day trip. On a shoe sale she finds these marvellous boots that makes her feel fantastic, and she buys them. When shes back in England she can't bear to wear them bacause they were so expensive. Until one night six month later when she's going out with Spencer and he encourages her to wear them. She does, and that night she meets a very handsome man called Charlie. After a while she walks straight to him (in her boots), talks with him, and she ends up with dating him. They become lovers and he seems to be the ”perfect” man. Only Spencer disapproves their relationship. After a while Charlie proposes and she accepts. The same night she decides to wear the same dress, including the boots, as the day the met. But then Charlie says that he hates the boots and he asks her to take them off. Then she looks at her great boots, makes a decision and leaves...

The main character is a woman called Lulu. I think she might be in the twenties because she's old enough to gets married and young enough to go out and get drunk with her freinds. She lives in England, and she seems to be like a typical city girl who likes shopping, going out with freinds and so on. She may be a little upper class for example bacause she drinks champagne when she's going out, but still she's not like a real richie, because of the way she's ashamed of the price of the boots and how she's very impressed of Charlie's Porsche. It also confirms my feeling of Lulu as a girl who likes the ”wealthy feeling” and that is also the reason that she in the beginning buys the boots even though they are too expensive. This leads to another of Lulu's traits; that...
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